Our Origin Story.

ICER President Dr. Steve Pearson explains why he founded an organization to advance the use of evidence to improve health care affordability and access for all patients and their families.

The ICER Impact.

New York Medicaid pursued discounts, many of which were in line with ICER reports, which have saved the state over $500 million

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Engaged with over 300 patient groups and patient reps

In a landmark international program, HTA agencies around the world can now access ICER’s customizable COVID-19 Cost-Effectiveness Model

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We recently celebrated our 15th anniversary! Learn more.

Melanie Whittington, PhD, MS. Associate Director of Health Economics

Dr. Melanie Whittington, ICER’s Director of Health Economics, received the Bernie O’Brien New Investigator Award, which recognizes those who have shown evidence of exceptional promise based on their emerging body of technical and scholarly work in the field of health economics. Learn more.

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Policy Papers.

Easy access to our latest policy papers

Barriers to Fair Access

First-ever scorecard of several key appropriate access criteria reveals variation across largest payers but high concordance for clinical eligibility criteria, step therapy, and provider restrictions; lower concordance found for formulary tiering criteria.

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Unsupported Price Increases

Out of 10 identified drugs that had substantial 2020 price increases net of rebates on top of already high current spending, seven were not supported by new clinical evidence; net price increases on these seven drugs cost Americans an additional $1.67 billion in annual drug spend, of which nearly $1.4 billion was due to a single drug alone: Humira.

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Evaluating and Advancing Health Technology Assessment Methods that Support Health Equity

ICER received a new grant from The Commonwealth Fund to evaluate procedural and methodological changes that could further support health equity goals in health technology assessment (HTA). The findings from this effort will guide ICER’s update to its value assessment framework and inform the work of other HTA groups worldwide.

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Cost-Effectiveness, the evLYG,

the QALY, and Fair Drug Pricing.

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