Engaging with Clinicians

We conduct comparative clinical and cost-effectiveness analyses of health care interventions, such as drugs, devices, and diagnostics. Critical to this process is the feedback we receive from medical professionals in each disease area on the current practices and outcomes that matter most to patients. Our close collaboration with clinicians is essential to ensuring that patients receive the best care possible.

We routinely engage with with academic experts in clinical synthesis and health economics modeling. Additionally, transparency is of the utmost importance to us, and we have extensive policies on reporting any conflicts of interest.

For more information on ongoing and completed reviews, Explore our Research or reach out to us at info@icer.org.

Dr. Brad Rovin’s Experience with ICER’s Lupus Nephritis Assessment

Dr. Rovin is a Professor of Medicine and Pathology at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Medical professionals routinely help us as:

ICER’s Podcast: A Prescription For Fair Drug Pricing

A Prescription for Fair Drug Pricing. ICER Podcast.

Additionally, we created a podcast for physicians looking to learn more about ICER’s analyses.

Neurologist Dr. Jason Crowell sits down with ICER’s President, Dr. Steve Pearson, to pry open the black box of US drug pricing and to wrestle with each of the financial and ethical tensions that undergird our current medical infrastructure. They dive into why prescription drugs are so expensive in our country, uncover the tradeoffs that American patients face when they can’t afford drugs, explore how other countries use clinical data to ensure a drug’s price reflects how well it works, and recommend individual steps that all of us can take – from physicians to patients to policymakers – to achieve both fair pricing and fair access across the US health system. A must-listen for physicians who are concerned that prescription drugs not only can have health side effects, but financial side effects, too.

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