The US health system is distinctly innovative but fails to provide high-value care to all patients at a price they and the nation can afford. To improve access and affordability while retaining the incentives necessary for future innovation, ICER transparently reviews all available evidence to help align a treatment’s price with how well it improves the lives of patients and their families.

The fundamental questions are few:

  • Based on the evidence, how much better is a new treatment at extending or improving patients’ lives?
  • What would a fair price be, based on the clinical evidence as well as patients’ perspectives about the outcomes that are most important to them?
  • And how can patients, clinical experts, and insurers translate the evidence into insurance coverage that ensures the best patient outcomes?

ICER provides an independent source of evidence review—free from financial conflicts of interest—to address these fundamental questions. By doing so, we help patients today and in the future by catalyzing a movement toward fair pricing, fair access, and future innovation across the entire US health care system.

The end goal: sustainable access to high-value health care for all Americans.