Our team is full of smart, hard-working, and passionate people, and we are looking for more of them to join us. We offer a fast-paced and intellectual atmosphere that is fueled by our mission to make a positive impact on the future of healthcare.

ICER Research Lead Testimonial:

“The Research Lead is essentially the expert in the clinical evidence… We are the ones responsible for synthesizing that evidence base in a way that honors all the complexity… that focuses our audience on the outcomes that matter most to patients.”Molly Beinfeld, MPH

ICER Program Manager Testimonial:

“At the end of all of our reviews, [ICER holds]… a public meeting where we bring together all key stakeholders – from the manufacturers, to the key expert clinicians, to patients with the condition, as well as payers. And we spend a whole day talking about policy – talking about the evidence, the implications of any treatments… and bringing all these people together who have such diverse set of experiences, I think, is very rewarding, and that is well reflected in what we issue in our final report.”Laura Cianciolo, BA