The ICER Impact.

New York Medicaid pursued discounts, many of which were in line with ICER reports, which have saved the state over $300 million

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Engaged with over 300 patient groups and patient reps

In a landmark international program, HTA agencies around the world can now access ICER’s customizable COVID-19 Cost-Effectiveness Model

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Policy Papers.

Easy access to our ongoing policy papers

Unsupported Price Increases

ICER will evaluate selected high-impact drugs with substantial price increases that occurred in 2020. ICER will review changes in the evidence base for each of these drugs and assess whether or not new clinical data exists that could suggest that the drugs could be more beneficial for patients than what was previously understood.

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Alternative Policies for Pricing Novel Vaccines and Drug Therapies for COVID-19

This white paper provides a brief overview of approaches to manage the pricing of novel vaccines and treatments in times of public health emergencies.

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Cornerstones of ‘Fair’ Drug Coverage

This white paper provides recommendations for appropriate design and implementation of policies that determine patient access to prescription drugs.

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Group of Patients

Learn more about how the patient perspective influences ICER’s work, and learn how you can be involved.

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Cost-Effectiveness, the evLYG,

the QALY, and Fair Drug Pricing.

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