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In the United States, decisions around prescription drug pricing and access are generally made based on limited evidence and without patients in the room. At ICER, our goal is to bring these discussions into the open. Together, we can work towards a system where drugs are priced based on their overall benefit to patients.

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Who is ICER? What Do We Do?

We are a health care nonprofit that measures how well prescription drugs work for patients and suggests a fair price for those drugs. Sometimes, we also assess medical devices and health procedures.


Why Do We Want To Talk to You?

We need to learn about your lived experience as a patient to understand what matters most to you. We use that information, along with the available scientific research, to figure out what we think is a fair price.


Why Does It Matter?

Policymakers (those who decide access and coverage policies) can use our findings to reward the most effective medicines with higher prices, while negotiating lower prices on the treatments that don’t help patients as much.


Our Ongoing Assessments:


Share your lived experience | Complete our Share Your Story Form


Suggest a topic Propose a new assessment through our Topic Selection Form 


Talk with us | Contact Catherine Koola Fischer, ICER’s Director of Patient Engagement at ckoola@icer.org


Have more questions about ICER? | We have answers to your FAQs.

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Let’s Collaborate!

Share | your patient experience

Respond | to our work

Participate | in ICER’s public meeting

Empower | your community with evidence

How To Participate In ICER’s Process

Share Your Patient Experience Read More

We want to know what is most important to you as a patient. Some examples of information you can share include (but are not limited to):

  • What medications have been most helpful to you and why?
  • Are there any unmanageable side effects to past medications?
  • How has your condition affected your daily life and family?
  • How has your condition affected your education and/or work?
  • If you have a caregiver/care partner, how has your condition affected them?

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Respond To Our Work Read More

Your feedback is integral to an ICER report. Respond to our findings – help us understand what might need to change.

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Participate In ICER’s Public Meeting Read More

Watch an independent committee of experts deliberate on the ICER report. Listen to patients, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance representatives comment on the report and discuss the implications of the findings for policy change.

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Empower Your Community With Evidence Read More

After the public meeting, we revise our report one more time. You can take this “Final Evidence Report” and share it with other patient advocates – ICER’s reports are a tool you can use to work towards fair pricing, fair access, and a future full of innovative drugs that improve your care.

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