Migraine is a common cause of headache and is characterized by episodic, recurrent attacks that are classically pulsatile or throbbing, frequently involve one side of the head, and are associated with nausea and sensitivity to external stimuli such as light, sound, and smells. Migraine attacks vary in their frequency and intensity, but when severe can be a disabling, chronic condition that can impact all aspects of life including personal relationships and ability to work. An estimated 40 million adults or 12-15% of adults in the United States (US) report migraine or severe headaches.

Interventions of Interest:

  • ubrogepant (Ubrelvy™, Allergan)
  • rimegepant (Nurtec™, Biohaven Pharmaceuticals) 
  • lasmiditan (Reyvow™, Lilly)

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