ICER has received a new grant from The Commonwealth Fund to evaluate procedural and methodological changes that could further support health equity goals in health technology assessment (HTA). The findings from this effort will guide ICER’s update to its value assessment framework and inform the work of other HTA groups worldwide. Join us on March 21st for a webinar explaining the key findings.

Date of publication: March 2023

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ICER’s Vice President of Research Foluso Agboola, MBBS, MPH stated:

“Progress must be made to ensure that the methods of HTA fully incorporate considerations of health equity. Decision-makers want to understand the implications and opportunities for health equity when they use evidence to guide pricing and insurance coverage. We have looked hard at every step of our work to ask whether we and other HTA groups can do better. One approach we will spearhead is a framework to evaluate clinical trial diversity, which will elevate the conversation on clinical trial diversity and enhance transparency and accountability, consequently promoting equity in access to clinical trials of new drugs.”