Interventions of Interest:

  • sotatercept (Winrevair, Merck & Co)

Independent appraisal committee voted that sotatercept demonstrated a net health benefit when compared to background therapy; sotatercept would achieve common thresholds for cost-effectiveness if priced between $17,900 to $35,400 per year.

Final Documents

ICER’s Chief Medical Officer, David Rind, MD:

“Pulmonary arterial hypertension is a progressive disease that can lead to debilitating shortness of breath, fatigue, and lightheadedness as the heart struggles to pump blood through the lungs. Current drug treatments are primarily combinations of vasodilators, and these can be very burdensome and cause significant side effects. Sotatercept has a novel mechanism of action, and it is administered subcutaneously every few weeks, which reduces burdens. Current evidence suggests that sotatercept has fewer side effects and improves short-term outcomes, but we have some uncertainties about long-term efficacy and safety.”

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