The price of many existing drugs, both brand and generic, can increase substantially over time, and questions are frequently raised regarding whether these price increases are justified. State policymakers have been particularly active in seeking measures to address this issue. For example, both California and Vermont now have laws tracking substantial drug price increases, requiring drug manufacturers to submit information that might justify increases above a certain threshold.

In 2019, we launched a new line of ICER reports, named Unsupported Price Increase (UPI) reports, to identify major drugs with substantial price increases without adequate evidence to justify the increases. To guide our work, we receive input from a multi-stakeholder advisory group comprised of representatives from patient advocacy organizations, drug makers, and insurers. Each year, ICER proposes to generate a report of up to 13 drugs that have experienced substantial price increases over a one-year time period. ICER will review changes in the evidence base for these drugs, and report on whether potential evidentiary support for price increases was found.

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