Many stakeholders have weighed in about how ICER’s reports are used by different members of the health care community.  In an attempt to help understand how different groups are using our work, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) conducted a survey of 18 health plans, representing 114.6 million members, in July and August of 2016.  The purpose of the survey was to determine health plan awareness and use of ICER reports on comparative effectiveness. The top-line results are here, but of note:

  • 100% had heard of ICER and 66% had read a report or attended a meeting.
    • Of those aware of ICER’s research, 73% used ICER’s reports to evaluate current and/or planned coverage policies, 88% for self-education, and other uses where evidence is key to decision-making.
  • When asked how ICER reports could be more useful, 67% suggested more class reviews (including older agents), and 50% wanted to see ICER release reports before FDA approval.

ICER will continue to evaluate how our work is used and by whom.  Understanding what the health care community needs to ensure sustainable access to high-value care is core to ICER’s mission.