Upcoming Appearances

April 5: Steven Pearson, MD, MSc will participate on a panel during a meeting on pharmacy costs by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

April 11: Dan Ollendorf, PhD, ICER’s Chief Scientific Officer, will present at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s NEW Drug Development ParadIGmS (NEWDIGS) research design session on gene therapy financing.

April 12: Steven Pearson will also participate in the Sanofi Executive Leadership Value Framework Summit.

April 21: Dan Ollendorf will also present on budget impact analysis alternatives for the Canadian Provincial Cancer Agencies (CAPCA) affordability working group session.


Dan Ollendorf, PhD, ICER’s Chief Scientific Officer, has been nominated for the ISPOR Board of Directors. ISPOR members can vote for Dan here: https://www.ispor.org/board/election2017.asp. Voting ends May 1, 2017.

Key Dates