Dear Friends of ICER,

As the season of giving approaches, we ask that you consider ICER among your top philanthropic priorities.

This year, ICER’s assessments of treatments for sickle cell disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, metachromatic leukodystrophy, and other conditions showcase the singular role only ICER plays in the US healthcare system.

Where other countries fund government agencies to ensure patients have fair access to high-value care, the US health system increasingly turns to ICER – an independent, non-partisan, non-government, non-profit. No other organization is able to:

  • Independently evaluate the clinical evidence and set benchmarks for fair pricing referred to by policymakers around the world.
  • Convene a transparent, public discussion with all stakeholders that tackles the issues of evidence, value and access.
  • Establish a framework for judging the fairness of coverage criteria created by payers and decision makers.
  • Identify key actions to address health inequities that can be taken by payers and manufacturers when introducing new treatments.

ICER’s independent funding model distinguishes us from the many other players in the health care space: free from pressures of profit and special interest, we are an impartial arbitrator of evidence and value; a trusted voice linking science to decision making. When you donate to ICER, you help keep us independent.

Please help us ensure that the US health care system moves toward fairer prices and fairer access, while still incentivizing future innovation. Contribute today.


Steve Pearson, MD, MSc

ICER President