Adequate evidence demonstrates that all 5 current biologic therapies for asthma related to type 2 inflammation reduce asthma exacerbations and modestly improve quality of life. The therapies also appear to be relatively safe. Omalizumab and mepolizumab have been followed longer than the other drugs in extension studies of the pivotal trials, so there is less uncertainty about long-term effectiveness and safety for these 2 drugs. Nonetheless, the evidence is insufficient to distinguish the overall clinical benefits and safety among these therapies.

Despite their incremental clinical benefits when added to standard care for asthma, at current average net prices in the U.S. commercial market, all 5 therapies have high incremental cost-effectiveness ratios, representing low long-term value for money for their labeled indications. Further efforts are needed to help align the prices of these treatments with their demonstrated benefits in order to ensure sustainable access to high-value care for all patients.