November 18, 2015- ICER will produce a report looking at the comparative effectiveness and value of palliative care delivered outside the hospital (e.g. outpatient or home-based) settings.  The report will be the subject of a March 2016 public meeting of the New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council (New England CEPAC), a core program of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER).

The report will include a systematic review of the published evidence, a summary of the palliative care landscape in New England based on key informant interviews, and an economic analysis of the various approaches. The report will examine existing palliative care programs delivered outside the hospital, outcome measures, and components that contribute to successful programs.  The report will also evaluate the legal, regulatory and financial landscape for these programs.

The report will form the basis for deliberation and discussion at the public meeting, where the New England CEPAC panel will vote on key questions raised in the report, and a policy roundtable will discuss evidence-based practice and policy recommendations stemming from ICER’s review.

A preliminary scoping document will be posted on the New England CEPAC website for public comment on or about November 25, 2015. After the scoping document is posted, stakeholders will have the opportunity to submit suggestions and refinements to ensure that the report provides a comprehensive analysis and includes consideration of the issues of greatest importance.

Meeting details and registration information will be posted to the New England CEPAC website as they become available.