ICER Clinical Trial Diversity Rating

The topic of diversity in clinical trials is rising to the forefront of many conversations in evidence-based medicine, and efforts are being made to improve the diversity of clinical trials. However, there is little uniformity in the methods used to evaluate these efforts.

The ICER-developed Clinical trial Diversity Rating (CDR) Tool presents a framework for evaluating the demographic diversity of clinical trial populations in a consistent, transparent manner leading to an overall diversity rating. Groups such as Health Technology Assessment bodies, clinical trial regulators, policymakers, journal editors, and individual researchers can use this tool to examine, monitor, and improve diversity in clinical trials.

We have described the development of the tool in our published manuscript in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.

Agboola, F. and Wright, A.C., 2024. A Framework for Evaluating the Diversity of Clinical Trials. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, p.111299.

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