This report examines the comparative effectiveness and value of screening options for women with dense breast tissue, including hand-held and automated breast ultrasound, digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The CTAF Panel voted that the evidence supports supplemental screening of women at high risk for breast cancer, and that screening with MRI, among commonly used screening technologies, had the strongest evidence for use in these high-risk patients. In addition, when asked to judge the value of performing supplemental screening in women with dense breast tissue using each test (MRI, ABUS, and DBT) compared to HHUS, a majority of CTAF voted that MRI and ABUS represented high or reasonable value. Further, a majority of CTAF voted that DBT represented low value compared to HHUS.

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Final Documents

Below you will find the final documents from the assessment review process:

“Providing an objective review of evidence to support actionable information for patients, providers, and payers is the primary goal of CTAF. The Report and Action Guide tackle a complex clinical area involving multiple treatment options about which there are important concerns regarding comparative effectiveness and value. We will work with patient groups and other decision makers to help them apply the Report and Action Guide in their efforts to improve care for these women.”