Topic: Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain: Lower Back


Low back pain is an exceedingly common complaint, with a lifetime prevalence rangingfrom 11-84% (Walker, 2000). Chronic low back pain may be seen in as many as 75% ofpatients 6-12 months after an initial episode (Wahlgren, 1997). The economic impact of lowback pain is also substantial. It is the fifth most common reason for all […]

Chronic Pain: Lower Back & Neck


ICER will develop a report assessing the comparative clinical effectiveness and value of certain non-pharmacologic, non-invasive interventions for chronic low back and neck pain. The report will be the subject of a October 19, 2017 meeting of the California Technology Assessment Forum. For questions, contact  View the Key Stakeholders List. Interventions of Interest: Acupuncture […]

Degenerative Disk Disease: Neck Pain


We completed a Technology Assessment of cervical spinal fusion for degenerative disc disease in advance of the public meeting of the Washington State Health Technology Assessment Program’s Clinical Committee. Date of review: March 2013 For questions or additional information, please contact Intervention of interest: Cervical spinal fusion Final Documents Below you will find the […]