Program Type: ICER

Value Assessment and International Reference Pricing

Sep 2021 | Policy Paper

The need to improve drug affordability remains one of the few areas of bipartisan agreementin the US, with polling showing that a majority of both Democrats and Republicans want thefederal government to act to lower prescription drug prices. Policymakers from both partieshave advanced proposals to rein in drug costs, but there is no consensus on […]

Fair Access: Coverage Policies in 2020

Dec 2021 | Policy Paper

In September 2020, ICER published the white paper: “Cornerstones of ‘Fair’ Drug Coverage: Appropriate Cost-Sharing and Utilization Management Policies for Pharmaceuticals.” This paper analyzes the ethical and practical dimensions of insurance coverage policy, while presenting a corresponding set of criteria that will support a more transparent discussion among all health care stakeholders about whether specific […]