Program Type: ICER

Methods Update: Value Assessment Framework

Sep 2023 | Policy Paper

The ICER value framework describes the conceptual framework and set of associated methods that guide the development of ICER evidence reports. ICER typically updates the value assessment framework once every three years. The purpose of the value framework is to form the backbone of rigorous, transparent evidence reports that, as a basis for broader stakeholder and […]

White Bagging, Brown Bagging, and Site of Service Policies

Apr 2023 | Policy Paper

The White Paper examines the efforts of payers to manage drug markups by implementing white bagging and brown bagging policies to shift the drug purchasing channel from providers to specialty pharmacies, as well as site of service policies requiring patients to receive treatment at lower-cost sites of care.  The Paper examines the existing evidence and […]

Fair Access: Coverage Policies in 2023

Oct 2023 | Policy Paper

ICER will will conduct our third annual assessment of how well major insurers’ prescription drug coverage policies align with a set of fair access standards developed by ICER with expert input from patient advocates, clinician specialty societies, US payers, pharmacy benefit managers, and life science companies. For each of the drugs reviewed by ICER in […]

Unsupported Price Increases Occurring in 2022

Dec 2023 | Policy Paper

The price of many existing drugs, both brand and generic, can increase substantially over time, and questions are frequently raised regarding whether these price increases are justified. State policymakers have been particularly active in seeking measures to address this issue. In 2019, we launched a new line of ICER reports, named Unsupported Price Increase (UPI) reports, […]

Applying the Results of Comparative Effectiveness Research to Control Drug Costs: Policy Options for California

Mar 2023 | Policy Paper

This paper illustrates how comparative effectiveness research can be used by policymakers and health insurers in California to address rising drug costs by aligning spending with the degree of benefit a treatment provides.  ICER received a grant from the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) to develop the White Paper. Date of publication: March 2023 For […]

Evaluating and Advancing Health Technology Assessment Methods that Support Health Equity

Mar 2023 | Policy Paper

ICER has received a new grant from The Commonwealth Fund to evaluate procedural and methodological changes that could further support health equity goals in health technology assessment (HTA). The findings from this effort will guide ICER’s update to its value assessment framework and inform the work of other HTA groups worldwide. Join us on March 21st for a webinar explaining […]