Woojung Lee, PharmD, PhD

Associate Director of Health Economics and Decision Modeling

Woojung Lee serves as ICER’s Associate Director of Health Economics and Decision Modeling, where she oversees the development of economic models for medical interventions and the enhancement of ICER’s methodologies for economic evaluation. Before joining ICER, Woojung held positions at healthcare consulting firms such as Analysis Group and Curta. During this time, she collaborated extensively with pharmaceutical companies on various projects aimed at assessing the economic value of pharmaceuticals to support HTA submissions and inform market access strategies. She also delved into innovative methodologies in economic evaluation to overcome limitations in traditional cost-effectiveness modeling approaches.

Woojung earned her PhD in Health Economics and Outcomes Research from the Comparative Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics (CHOICE) Institute at the University of Washington in Seattle, and her PharmD from Seoul National University in South Korea. Outside of work, she enjoys playing the piano and watching TV shows with her husband.