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The first two months of the ICER process are called the “Scoping” phase. During this time, the ICER team explores what is most important to patients and clinicians regarding the disease under review. Learning about your lived experience helps us determine what to include in our report*. For example, what types of health benefits are most important to you? What side effects are most problematic? We also want to hear about your experience with other existing treatments.

*We use the words review, report, and assessment interchangeably.

When Can I Share?

To help us with the scope of the review, we want to hear from you as soon as possible. You can submit your experiences through the Share Your Story Form.

In order to promote a greater diversity of patient participation during the scoping phase, ICER also offers small-group patient and caregiver discussions. These discussions typically include 4-5 patients or caregivers who can share with ICER about the range of impacts from living with or caring for someone with the condition under review. These patient community insights are then included in the Patient Perspectives chapter of the ICER report. ICER provides each participant a $100 honorarium for their time and contribution to this process.

Our Ongoing Assessments

The Share Your Lived Experience Guide | Learn more about why ICER invites the patient community to share their lived experience and how to participate in the scoping phase of our review.

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