In 2023, ICER announced the creation of a Patient Council to advise on ICER’s patient engagement strategy, outreach, and process for input into drug reviews and broader initiatives. The Council comprises several patient representatives with a range of expertise on health technology assessment (HTA) and engaging with ICER, offering a variety of perspectives for evaluation of the ICER process. Patient Council members are participating as individuals, and are not representing the views of their affiliated organizations.

The objective of the Patient Council is to help patients and the public understand the value and impact of their involvement, and improve the diversity of people that are included and heard in the process of the evaluation of health treatments. Over the three-year term, the Patient Council aims to:

  1. Evaluate current process of patient engagement to identify gaps and opportunities for improved communication and participation.
  2. Ensure that the HTA process is inclusive of a diversity of experiences.
  3. Review ICER’s Patient Portal and any future public facing documents to ensure accessibility and inclusivity.
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Sarah Emond, ICER’s President and CEO, MPP stated:

“ICER will continue to prioritize our patient engagement work with this accomplished group of advocates. Their collective experience advocating for fair access to treatments will inform ICER’s ever-evolving approach to incorporating patient voices into every stage of our work. We remain dedicated to our mission to advance the use of evidence to improve health care affordability and access for all patients and their families, while also recognizing the importance of rewarding medical innovations that benefit patients most.”