Isiah C. Lineberry

Executive Director, Harrisburg Family Health Care

Isiah Lineberry has engaged in efforts for over 30 years to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Lineberry is Executive Director of Harrisburg Family Health Care, a free health care clinic, in Augusta, GA. He manages all aspects of the organization’s activities related to providing holistic health care to individuals and families, particularly the uninsured and underinsured.

Lineberry served as Senior Program Director for the Gulf States Health Policy Center headed by the 18th Surgeon General of the U. S. He managed a $13-million National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities research grant.

Lineberry served as Director of Development for Singleton Health Center, a South Carolina for-profit family practice and rural health clinic. He was the Director of the Office of Rural Health Policy for West Virginia. As Community Development Coordinator for West Virginia’s Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Families, Lineberry helped give West Virginia families a voice in improving services for children and families. He was Deputy Director for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation national program-The Southern Rural Access Program. He served as initial Executive Director for Georgia’s Office of Rural Health Services.

Lineberry was an inaugural Fellow of Families USA’s National Academy for Health Equity in System Reform. He was an advocate for the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network in South Carolina U.S. Congressman and Majority Whip, James Clyburn’s district. Lineberry was a Fellow of the George Washington University Institute for Disaster & Fragility Resilience Executive Leadership Training Disaster Resilience Leadership Fellowship Program.

Lineberry is a U. S. Pain Foundation Ambassador and member of the Foundation’s Disparities Solutions Advisory Council. He serves as a board member and treasurer for CHAMP- Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients’ Disparities in Headache Advisory Council. The Lineberry family was featured in the award-winning documentary about migraine disease, Out of My Head, and in the INvisible Project: Migraine & Headache Diseases 2nd Edition.

He is an advocate for the Alliance for Headache Disorders (AHDA) and participates in their annual Headache On the Hill. It is an annual advocacy event in Washington DC to unite health professionals, migraine & cluster headache advocates and patients to present their requests or “asks” of Congress.

Lineberry is a loving caregiver for Sheila, his wife of 38 years, who endures chronic migraines. He has two children: Attorney Mercy Lineberry McDaniel, JD, and Litany Lineberry a PhD engineering education student.

He co-authored an article entitled, “Transforming the Delivery of Rural Health Care in Georgia: State Partnership Strategy for Developing Rural Health Networks”, published in the Journal of Rural Health.

Lineberry is a University of Charleston graduate with a bachelor’s degree in religion and philosophy with additional graduate hours from the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies. He is an ordained minister.

Harrisburg Family Health Care, a nonprofit organization, is a free and charitable clinic located in Augusta, GA. Harrisburg Family Health Care is now providing services in its new clinical office located in the newly completed HUB for Community Innovation. We are a safety-net healthcare provider for individuals who cannot access healthcare services. Currently, we provide free and affordable holistic health care and support services for our patients particularly, the uninsured and underinsured in Harrisburg, Augusta’s urban core, counties in the Central Savannah River area and beyond.