Funded by grants from non-profit foundations and by people like you, ICER’s value assessments are free from financial conflicts of interest from life science companies and insurers. Given this unique position as an independent and unbiased source of information, ICER has become known as the nation’s drug pricing watchdog.

ICER is a unique solution to a uniquely American health system. Where other countries fund government agencies to ensure patients have access to high-value care, the US health system increasingly turns to ICER – an independent, non-partisan, non-government, non-profit. ICER reviews all available evidence to help determine what a fair price would be for a treatment, based on how well it works. In short, our evidence-based assessments help level-set prices, so Americans pay fairly for good care and don’t overpay for treatments with only a small benefit.

Life science companies and commercial payers participate in ICER’s Policy Leadership Forum, and their dues contribute to ICER’s annual Policy Summit, which convenes leaders from both industries to discuss broad initiatives that could help deliver fair pricing and fair access across the US pharmaceutical supply chain. In total, contributions from ICER’s Policy Leadership Forum represent less than 25% of ICER’s annual revenue.

Longer term, we anticipate that we will continue to diversify our funding through a mix of philanthropy, as well as research grants and contracts from foundations, federal and state governments, and public health systems.