Independent Appraisal Committees

ICER convenes three independent appraisal committees to deliberate and vote on the evidence presented in each of its reports. The California Technology Assessment Forum (CTAF), the Midwest Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council (Midwest CEPAC), and the New England CEPAC each convene three to four times each year at public meetings.

During meetings, each committee independently votes on the evidence presented in ICER’s report and engages directly with topic-area expert clinicians, patients, and payers to discuss implications of the evidence for clinical decision-making and coverage policies. Application of evidence takes shape through new medical policies, benefit designs, and patient and clinician tools to improve clinical care and patient outcomes.

All members of ICER’s councils must meet ICER’s criteria for Conflict of Interest. Members are recruited as individuals and do not represent their organization, specialty society, or any particular interest. They are selected based on clinical and policy expertise specific to technology assessment.

Learn more about the members of each council below.