For Philanthropists

ICER’s independent funding model distinguishes us from the many other players in health care—free from the pressures of profit and special interest, we are empowered to be an impartial arbitrator of evidence and value. But this power depends on philanthropic gifts from those who share our passion for a health care system that can guarantee fair pricing, fair access, and future innovation for all Americans.

ICER seeks financial and intellectual partnerships with philanthropists interested in health care, evidence-based decision making, the ethical allocation of resources, and correcting market failures.

ICER presents a unique opportunity for philanthropists committed to maximizing impact at the system level. Not only does our work drive cost-effective decision making within health care, but also serves as a model for the thoughtful consideration of opportunity costs and tradeoffs across different sectors. We are a laboratory to develop methods for evaluating the relative benefits to society of equivalent spending in different areas.

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more about how we might partner together.