Ellen Andrews, PhD

Executive Director, Connecticut Health Policy Project

Since its inception in 1999, Ellen Andrews has served as the Executive Director for the Connecticut Health Policy Project, a consumer advocacy nonprofit organization working to expand access to high quality, affordable health care for every Connecticut resident. The Project provides research and analysis of health policy issues for patients, advocates, legislators and other key stakeholders and works to build consumer advocacy capacity. Among her publications, Ms. Andrews authored a book documenting the impact on eight families as a parent lost Medicaid coverage. The book was instrumental in restoring coverage for working parents. She develops multi-media resources to make health policy accessible and regularly provides advocacy training for consumers and advocacy groups. She served on the legislative staff of the Public Health Committee for the Connecticut General Assembly, was a health policy consultant for several consumer-centered non-profits, directed the children’s program at a battered women’s shelter, and worked as a perinatal educator at a community health center. As staff and later a member of Connecticut’s Medical Assistance Program Oversight Council, she helped design and implement delivery and payment reforms that improved access to care, expanded physician participation in the program, and significantly lowered per person costs of care for consumers served by Medicaid. She serves on several local, state, and national boards and committees. She earned a Ph.D. in Human Genetics from Yale University.