Eric Armbrecht, PhD

Saint Louis University Center for Health Outcomes Research

Titles and Affiliations: 

  • Professor and Associate Provost, Saint Louis University Center for Health Outcomes Research, School of Medicine and College for Public Health & Social Justice

Chronic disease management is the focus of Dr. Eric Armbrecht’s work as a professor, data scientist, and public health advocate. For more than 15 years, he has designed, implemented, and evaluated health improvement strategies across diverse populations and settings, including health care systems, community-based organizations and government agencies. He balances technical mastery of data analysis with keen attention to how information is packaged and communicated.

Dr. Armbrecht serves as Senior Analytics Advisor for the Midwest Health Initiative, a non-profit community-based organization that maintains a regularly-updated, longitudinal warehouse of health insurance claims (medical and pharmacy) representing 1.5 million people from Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. His experience with big data and expertise in statistical analysis is supporting the Midwest Health Initiative’s drive to improve quality and affordability.

In addition to teaching and leading funded research projects, Dr. Armbrecht directs SLUCOR’s consulting practice. The practice partners with academic, government, corporate and non-profit clients to study effectiveness and value across the health care system. Through his consulting engagements, he has analyzed hundreds of datasets ranging in size and complexity from a few carcinoma cases to 7+ million hospital discharges. The projects have spanned many analytic challenges and medical sub-specialties, including pediatrics, dermatology, cardiology, surgery, and emergency medicine.

Dr. Armbrecht completed undergraduate studies in the science-business program at the University of Notre Dame. He earned and a Ph.D. in health services research / outcomes research from Saint Louis University and a M.S. in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. He has held leadership positions at a health technology start-up company, alliance of large employers, and community health coalition. Dr. Armbrecht is involved in St. Louis-based entrepreneurial ventures to develop innovative technologies and programs for the well-being of people with chronic conditions.

He was raised in Madison, Indiana, an historic town nestled along the Ohio River between Louisville and Cincinnati. He and his wife Cheryl live in St. Louis with their three children.