Avery McKenna, BS

Senior Research Assistant, Evidence Synthesis

Avery joined ICER as a Research Assistant in August of 2019 as a Research Assistant. In 2021, she was promoted to Senior Research Assistant. In her role, Avery uses her background in research methods and statistics to execute literature reviews and screen studies to inform evidence-based reviews.

Avery graduated from New York University in May of 2019 with a degree in Global Public Health and Applied Psychology and a minor in Environmental Studies. During her undergraduate studies, Avery worked as a research assistant at the NYU Child and Family Policy center where she conducted and published a qualitative research study in partnership with the Department of Education on knowledge dissemination within the education workforce to inform future policy. Previous to that, she worked as a Global Outreach Coordinator at The Good Country, a start-up non-profit that tackled pressing global issues through international policymaking with a focus on collaborative action.

Avery also grew up in the town where the Boston Marathon begins. After attending the start of over 20 marathons, she hopes to run it herself one day!