Catherine Koola, MPH

Associate Director, Patient Engagement

Catherine joined ICER in January of 2019 as a Program Manager and has led seven reviews of novel therapies. In October of 2021, she was promoted to Associate Director of Patient Engagement, working closely with the Vice President of Patient Engagement, and across the organization, to refine and implement strategies to strengthen the patient voice within ICER value assessments.

Prior to her work at ICER, Catherine served as a Product Manager at Affect Mental Health, a Boston-based start-up focused on reducing stigma around mental health disorders and identifying opportunities to improve quality of and access to care.  Previous to that, she worked as a clinical research epidemiologist at Trauma Research, LLC, where she conducted research on the clinical practices of trauma hospitals and coordinated the activities of a multidisciplinary team.

Catherine has her MPH in Epidemiology from Emory University and her BS in Psychology from Texas A&M University. She now resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In her spare time, Cat moshes on Mondays: